Welcome to hostel Casa Amelia in Huanchaco!

Casa Amelia is a small hostel located right at the beach in the village of Huanchaco. A true piece of paradise unlike anything else in town. A place to rest and relax where everything seems to be just right!

Feel at home!

Casa Amelia is all about feeling at home. Our rooms are big and comfortable. You can see the sea from your windows and the sound of the waves will make you sleep like never before. Our fully equipped guest kitchen, common area with tv and a guaranteed good Wi-Fi give you all the comfort of home. The beautiful garden and rooftop terraces overlooking the sea give you all the space to relax. Our (adopted) pets and many, many birds visiting will make you feel like in paradise. Be welcome and stay for a while!

DondocoPlease get to know more about our hostel in the Meet Casa Amelia section. We want our prices to be clear and fair. You find them in the Rooms and Rates section. And be sure to look at How to find us to get some easy-to-follow directions!

To know everything about what Huanchaco and its surroundings have to offer explore the section ‘About Huanchaco’ in the menu!